Ketto is Official Crowd Funding Partner of Visionara Global MRS INDIA®

Visionara Global officially announces Ketto as its official crowd funding partner of Visionara Global MRS INDIA® Beauty Pageant. In an official statement Founder & National Director Ms. Binita Shrivastava said that bringing Ketto on board as crowd funding partner will bring great opportunity to our pageant and its contestants to work for the noble cause of philanthropy.

She further said that Beauty Pageants were always something that people looked up to as it highlighted the contestant’s willingness to do something or the other for the society. As charity and societal upliftment is always the focus of beauty pageants, crowd funding would play a phenomenal role in this. Thus VG MRS INDIA® has partnered with Ketto for this charitable cause.

Ketto, one of Asia’s largest crowd funding platforms, was co-founded by Bollywood actor Kunal Kapoor, Zaheer Adenwala and Varun Sheth in 2012. Over 350+ crores have been raised on Ketto’s platform since their inception, for causes ranging from medical emergencies to disaster relief.