It’s Never Late to Follow Your Dreams

Dare to Dream

What worry you most, when you think of participating in a beauty pageant? You know you’re confident & you know yourself very well as no one else can know better than you. Whenever thinking about the Pageant, gives you Goosebumps & takes you to the glittering stage but unknown fear makes you feel that this stage doesn’t belongs to you.


VG MRS INDIA® beauty pageant doesn’t relates only to glamour rather it is about the empowerment of today’s women, making her more confident in whichever field she wants to excel. This beauty pageant is meant for all those ladies, who when see in the mirror, say to themselves-YES, You can do something for yourself and being married couldn’t stop you from achieving What You desire to fulfill your dream.

The pressure put on women in today’s society is immense and it’s admirable that any female out there who doesn’t let the high demands and expectations get them down. We believes that as women, should not let the likes of “perfected” images or “criticism” affect them and it is such display of firm determination & grit of today’s women, who realize that being different and imperfect is far more than being a “perfect” person. Every women should embrace herself and believes that being yourself and feeling happy as yourself- just the way you are signifies the word “beauty”.

So VG MRS INDIA®Beauty Pageant invites all the married Indian women across the globe to come to participate in this beautiful journey which you will cherish forever your lifetime. We are confident that whichever career you’re in whether working professional, business women, entrepreneur, social worker, housewife and much more, this beauty pageant will add values to that.  The Contestants of VG MRS INDIA® Beauty Pageant will be provided with special training sessions which will make them more confident by brushing up their skills and covering up flaws if any.

VG MRS INDIA® is an urge to become the largest & most influential beauty pageant for married Indian women across the globe. VG MRS INDIA® Beauty Pageant reinforce the values of teamwork and camaraderie in a quality & structured environment. All they require to become a part of these pageants is beauty with brains. This beauty pageant will be conducted with values of Indian culture and as proud Indians.

This Beauty Pageant is not merely a competition but an effort to bring the beautiful married women of India to fore and present their talent to the world in an elegant manner. These pageants are an opportunity for the married women with alluring beauty and sharp brains to get the well-deserved recognition.

This pageant is commendable effort in bringing together the people of different cultures and groups to be a part of this merriment of womanhood. It gives every deserving married women a chance to become a celebrity. Eminent personalities from around the country come to judge their talent and skills.

Dare to Dream & Be the Queen. It’s Never Late to Follow Your Dreams. Cheers!

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